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Science of Reading in Practice: 15-Minute Routines

Watch Dr. Julia Lindsey on EdWeb sponsored by Scholastic Education Solutions.

Research tells us how children best learn to read, but what does this actually look like in classroom practice? In this edWebinar, Dr. Julia B. Lindsey, an expert in early literacy development, curriculum, and instruction, shares teacher-approved “essential instructional swaps” backed by the Science of Reading that you can implement right away to help children on their ways to becoming proficient readers. These routines can be implemented in 15 minutes or less to help students decode words efficiently and effectively, so they can spend more energy on comprehending—and enjoying—what they read!

The session is followed by a discussion with Dr. Lindsey and Katharine Noonan, an ELA instructional coach, moderated by Dr. Amanda Alexander, Chief Academic Officer of Scholastic.


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