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Research-Based Foundational Literacy That Works

With Author, Scholar, and Educator
Dr. Julia B. Lindsey 

Reading Above the Fray

Reliable, Research - Based Routines for Developing Decoding Skills

Julia Lindsey’s evidence-backed routines help young readers decode words efficiently so they can spend more energy on comprehending--and enjoying--what they read! You’ll find:1. need-to-know essentials of how kids learn to read.2. principles of high-quality foundational skills instruction.3. teacher-approved instructional “swaps” to improve early reading instruction. Lindsey addresses content learning, culturally responsive practices, and the importance of engaging readers from the start.

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About Dr. Julia Lindsey, Ph. D.

Julia B. Lindsey, Ph.D., is a foundational literacy expert, consultant, and proud former elementary school teacher. Her work aims to help educators implement research findings in reading instruction.

She is the author of the newly released book, Reading Above the Fray: Research-based Routines for Developing Decoding Skills. Julia is also the creator of a framework for research-tested, content-rich decodable texts used by districts, curriculum developers, and tens of thousands of teachers across the globe.


Where To Find Dr. Lindsey


Research-backed decodables that support meaning-making

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"Whether you’re at the beginning stages of making instructional shifts or in the midst of it, Dr. Lindsey is a resource you can count on.  She takes the research and provides teachers with practical ideas to assist them in the process of growing strong readers and writers. Her essential instructional swaps are, as she calls them, effective and efficient, but they’re also realistic and engaging for both teachers and students. Dr. Lindsey values the voice of teachers and connects them with research that will impact their students."

Kristy Thomas, Principal of Rock Rest Elementary School, Monroe, NC

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